Both Sides

I’m getting there,

And all at once I’m already here.

I’m lost, but not for real.

I find me again in every instant.

And in every instant, I am alive,

Once or twice,

And then forever.


I chose myself

Not knowing that it was a choice.

I watched myself for a time who was another,

And imagined the real thing.


Safety in my numbers,

And also only in one.

Soul fire, mouth fire.

Arriving. Always arriving.


Just Me and the Air

You carried me because you had to.

You held me until you didn’t,

And then never again.

My arms weren’t long enough to rock myself to sleep,

And so all that surrounded me was the air.

Just me and the air.

No warm skin from which to learn safety.

So I knew not of protection.

I hid from my air.

My lungs went dry and my organs pumped dust.

I’m thirsty for breath.

I exhale to my body’s drum beat,

Until I find solace in my own perfume.


The Weight of Belonging

She had no place to be,

So she danced.

She had nothing but time,

So she let the sunset shadow cover her face

And then her feet.

She had no name to cling to,

So she moved to staccato sounds

Until she landed on a marriage of utterings

That felt like home.

And so it shall be hers, she thought,

Although she would never belong to it.

She moved until her feet met a wall.

She pressed against it and learned its warmth

Its cool places.

She didn’t know it well,

But she would let the weight of her

Rest on its surface

Until she was nourished.


Purple Sheets

She is everything

And all of the things that I made believe

Under the foolish cover of my purple sheets.

She looks like water but breathes fire.

An angel dragon.

Whatever she prefers that day.

Angels and dragons both have wings

Don’t they?


Until I Go

No control


Eyes from above

Can they help?

Lost somewhere,

But I come down again.

I won’t go until I go.


What heals me is me.

Deep in the earth

I am there too.

I can find everything I need

Never lost,

Stable and safe

Like the earth,

It is love.


It is everything.


Wendy & Peter

Dream boy

Abandoned home

An abandoned dream

A life drought

Stream is dry.

She is told to leave the place she remembers

Dusty necklace beneath the floorboards

Returning to the stream when she falls asleep.


Seeing herself sleeping

And going to the water.

The reflection stares back

The dream boy.

And then the quiet girl

Standing at the edge of the ocean

Naked and alive

The one that loved her


Ageless whispers

This place is the same

But the waters are abundant now.

The necklace shatters

Upon a forbidden kiss received

The choice is hers.


Returning to where she sleeps

But the boy is alive in her still.

The place with the flowing stream

Is lost in the night

But water rises in the daytime

With her feminine call for rain.

The Act of Imagining

When we are small

We know what’s real.

And the act of imagining

Is a form of simple sorcery

Manifested or not

It is truth.


When we are big

We imagine what’s real.

And the concept of truth

Is a glass wall shattered

Each piece is a new story

Each story holds no clarity.

Clouded shards

Sharp and jagged. 


Glass is transparent.


It can be clean again soon.

Light the Night

Light the night

Let it consume


From the inside

Send it out

Even if you are nestled 

In a cocoon of pillowy defense.


And who told you it was wrong

To be awake?

The clock is only a suspicion for the weak.

Every hour thrives anew 

And each collection of moments 

Can only be infused with vibration

By you.


So lend the night

What it needs.

It will give back

And the color of the sky

Will no longer change for you.

Paper People

So go

Go along your charted maze

Your map is no good to me

Don’t tell me what I’ll run into

I’ll build my own speed

So go

Find who you already know

That you’ll find

But if you come back to the place

That you knew me to be

I promise

There will be nothing left to see


Just a few specks of ash

That look more like glitter

On your palm

And tell them

Tell those paper people

The glitter smear on your cheek

It was me.

So go.


The deep night

That housed my youth monsters

Is the same dark that now cradles me.


Nothing can touch me

In the inkiest of black.

No hands

No thoughts

No sickness

No taste of my own tongue

Can penetrate that shade of dark.


It floods my veins

Until it drains.

It binds my limbs

Until it lets go.


No true home

Need any farce of light.

Only truth will illuminate.