Has anything really changed?

Change is a complicated friend — or foe, depending on the circumstances. Change is constant. It happens all around us. But as much as we need to recognize when it IS happening, we need to also recognize when it is not happening. 

Often times we try to falsely label something as “change” to make it easier to process. When you find yourself faced with a dilemma, one of the first questions you can ask yourself is: 

“Has anything REALLY changed?”

Some of life’s biggest disappointments come from realizations surrounding loved ones. They’ve betrayed or let us down in some way. They are not who we thought they were. 

A spouse cheats on you... a best friend lied about their past…. you find out that your father isn’t actually your birth father.

What rings true for all of these hypothetical situations is that nothing has actually changed at the point of realization. The spouse cheated on you in the past, and likely had the inclination long before that, because it existed in their nature. The change would not have actually occurred at the time that they admitted it to you. Things would be exactly the same. What can change and shift is how we respond to this new information.

The same goes for the best friend’s past. It would have still have been a part of their story even if they hadn’t revealed it. And for the birth parent… the father that raised you still raised you, and felt like your blood. The father that shared your DNA has always shared your DNA. That information would have been a truth whether or not it was taken to the grave or admitted. There will be many, many truths existing close within our energy space that we will never come to know. And that’s OKAY. 

All we can do is hold ourselves accountable for how we react to what we DO know. 

Perceptions fog reality. Change is only change when it hasn’t already existed in another present moment — but that moment is probably not right NOW.

Nothing and nobody can take away YOUR "right now."

Not even change.

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