The Chase

Why the chasing?


Something that I find myself wondering is whether “the chase” should ever exist. People say that we have to “chase after our dreams,” and who hasn’t chased after a boy or a girl at least a few times in our lifetime? 

What bothers me about this is that if the energy surrounding the goal, or person is in line with our energies and divine timing, there should never, ever be any chasing. When we chase after something, it is because a certain situation was not meant to manifest in the way that we had hoped, and so our egos take the lead. The ego recognizes this as rejection and says:

“Wait… why don’t you like me?” 

“Why wasn’t I good enough?” 

“What did I do wrong?”

“I can do better!”

Rejection makes us believe that we are not good enough somehow, and need to prove ourselves by forcing the situation. But if something is meant to be, it will be — but only in its own divine time. Effort should feel much more effortless than you think. 

Chasing after something only causes us to miss the other things along the road that we were running too fast to notice. And those things that we missed are probably running toward us, waiting for us to turn around and run back toward them at the same speed.

So, ask yourself this — do you need to turn around?

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