The Energy of Art.

I want to talk about art for a minute. 

I love art — in all modalities. I love that the very essence of expressive art means disregarding any concept of rules or parameters. 

So, I have explored it in a multitude of ways. Acting, dance, percussion, singing, writing, and painting…

But I could never draw or paint in any way that labeled itself or required some set of guidelines. So, I bucked the system and decided that I didn’t need paintbrushes either. I would use Mother Earth as my tool. I paint with crystals. They guide my hand, and the paint itself. And in turn — there is always a message attached. It manifests differently for each person, but each painting balances energy in a very specific way, or guides us into that place that we’ve been searching for.

Follow that link to see and read about some of my work…. so far. I have gone through phases where all I do is paint, and then my path shifts and I need to learn something before I continue. But the urge to push forward with them has been getting stronger. There will be many more to come, so stay tuned. 

Be good to yourself.