Has anything really changed?

Change is a complicated friend — or foe, depending on the circumstances. Change is constant. It happens all around us. But as much as we need to recognize when it IS happening, we need to also recognize when it is not happening. 

Often times we try to falsely label something as “change” to make it easier to process. When you find yourself faced with a dilemma, one of the first questions you can ask yourself is: 

“Has anything REALLY changed?”

Some of life’s biggest disappointments come from realizations surrounding loved ones. They’ve betrayed or let us down in some way. They are not who we thought they were. 

A spouse cheats on you... a best friend lied about their past…. you find out that your father isn’t actually your birth father.

What rings true for all of these hypothetical situations is that nothing has actually changed at the point of realization. The spouse cheated on you in the past, and likely had the inclination long before that, because it existed in their nature. The change would not have actually occurred at the time that they admitted it to you. Things would be exactly the same. What can change and shift is how we respond to this new information.

The same goes for the best friend’s past. It would have still have been a part of their story even if they hadn’t revealed it. And for the birth parent… the father that raised you still raised you, and felt like your blood. The father that shared your DNA has always shared your DNA. That information would have been a truth whether or not it was taken to the grave or admitted. There will be many, many truths existing close within our energy space that we will never come to know. And that’s OKAY. 

All we can do is hold ourselves accountable for how we react to what we DO know. 

Perceptions fog reality. Change is only change when it hasn’t already existed in another present moment — but that moment is probably not right NOW.

Nothing and nobody can take away YOUR "right now."

Not even change.

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The Chase

Why the chasing?


Something that I find myself wondering is whether “the chase” should ever exist. People say that we have to “chase after our dreams,” and who hasn’t chased after a boy or a girl at least a few times in our lifetime? 

What bothers me about this is that if the energy surrounding the goal, or person is in line with our energies and divine timing, there should never, ever be any chasing. When we chase after something, it is because a certain situation was not meant to manifest in the way that we had hoped, and so our egos take the lead. The ego recognizes this as rejection and says:

“Wait… why don’t you like me?” 

“Why wasn’t I good enough?” 

“What did I do wrong?”

“I can do better!”

Rejection makes us believe that we are not good enough somehow, and need to prove ourselves by forcing the situation. But if something is meant to be, it will be — but only in its own divine time. Effort should feel much more effortless than you think. 

Chasing after something only causes us to miss the other things along the road that we were running too fast to notice. And those things that we missed are probably running toward us, waiting for us to turn around and run back toward them at the same speed.

So, ask yourself this — do you need to turn around?

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The Energy of Art.

I want to talk about art for a minute. 

I love art — in all modalities. I love that the very essence of expressive art means disregarding any concept of rules or parameters. 

So, I have explored it in a multitude of ways. Acting, dance, percussion, singing, writing, and painting…

But I could never draw or paint in any way that labeled itself or required some set of guidelines. So, I bucked the system and decided that I didn’t need paintbrushes either. I would use Mother Earth as my tool. I paint with crystals. They guide my hand, and the paint itself. And in turn — there is always a message attached. It manifests differently for each person, but each painting balances energy in a very specific way, or guides us into that place that we’ve been searching for.


Follow that link to see and read about some of my work…. so far. I have gone through phases where all I do is paint, and then my path shifts and I need to learn something before I continue. But the urge to push forward with them has been getting stronger. There will be many more to come, so stay tuned. 

Be good to yourself.




Resistance vs. Acceptance

Oh, hello there! 

This whole blogging thing is new to me. I have always been in the habit of keeping my inner thoughts and musings to myself, that is, until I became totally clear on my path. And my path has brought me right here, to you. I know you are meant to read this, because well -- here you are.

I thought this would be a great way to get to "know" me before booking a session with me. See if you resonate with how I view the world (and beyond!)

I thought I would begin with one of my most recently discovered keys to enlightenment. And that is the idea of being in resistance versus accepting what "is."

There are going to be plenty of things in life to which we want to fall into a state of resistance. This could range in severity from a small pimple on your nose all the way up to the death of a loved one.  What I have learned to do over the course of many, many years and lots of practice and no matter what the situation, is to fall into acceptance instead.

Resisting something that has presented itself along our paths is to ultimately rail against the present moment. There is nothing we can do to change the present moment. It is here already. When we mentally and/or spiritually resist something that is coming up for us, we are sending a signal to our bodies that "THIS IS WRONG. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. THIS IS NOT OKAY." 

These signals immediately initiate responses that will continue to move through us like dominoes toppling over. These are not pleasant responses, and they can be harmful. Toxic. Our bodies will behave as if something is wrong, because we told it that something was wrong. And in fact, nothing is wrong. Nothing will ever be wrong, because it is in your path, and whatever the situation may be, came to you to tell you something. Once we move into acceptance to the thing, we create a beautiful space where we have plenty room to shift. Not change.. not get RID of.... but SHIFT. Building up resistance leaves no space for any shifting to occur. It is like pushing against a door that is clearly marked "PULL."

I will give you a few examples.

One day I got a very strange facial rash, totally out of the blue. It tingled and burned and it almost looked like hives all over my cheeks and forehead. I immediately panicked and thought of all the things I could possibly do to make it go away, as well as worried about what could go wrong next. Would my throat close up? Would my eyes swell? I simply HAD to get rid of this, right?! Well, in my state of panic, the rash only progressed and flared up even more. I wound up calling the paramedics. But then, as I waited for help to arrive and found a bit of solace in the idea that help WOULD and COULD arrive, I began to fall into acceptance.  

In this space of acceptance I began to have a sort of conversation with my body. What was really happening in there? What was it trying to tell me? Was I allergic to a certain food that I had just eaten? No... that did not make sense in this case. Well, what was I doing or thinking about when the reaction occurred? It became clear to me all of a sudden that I was thinking about a current friendship that was not serving me anymore. This reaction was my body trying to release the relationship, since my divine / spirit self wasn't yet able to process the idea that I needed to let go of this person.

By the time the paramedics arrived, the rash had completely faded. 

Another instance that I hear about all the time is when someone is unhappy in their career. I have been in this situation as well, many times. Where most people go wrong is when they immediately go into resistance each day as they arrive at the office (or wherever they have to go for work.) Their mindset is "I WANT OUT!!!" Their body and mind are always looking for an escape route, and resenting each task they must complete. 

Instead, we must accept each moment as it comes, and know that there is room to shift. There is always room to shift, as long as we accept the present. This is the complete OPPOSITE of the idea of being "stuck." 

When I was working for a company that I began to feel no longer served me on my path, I went into resistance at first. But once I accepted things from moment to moment instead of resenting the potential future of this career, I began to open up space for new opportunities. My demeanor changed. New light began to shine into my realm of possibility -- and I was given a very seamless and easy way to shift away from this career and into something that felt right for me. 

As you can see, the idea of resistance vs. acceptance can work with SO many different scenarios. Think about where it might serve you in your life to shift from resistance into acceptance. 

And, as always.. I am here if you would like to talk about it further! 

Don't forget to see the homepage for details on how to reach me and/or book an appointment.

Love, Light, and Rock & Roll,